Cosmic Ink

Rare / Inscription

A deep black ink crafted by players with the Inscription skill. Can be bought and sold on the auction house.

Price data for Cosmic Ink on Tarren Mill

Last updated: 57 minutes ago
Market Stats
  • Common
  • Market Value
    121.99 g
  • Quantity
  • Daily
  • Sales (Daily)
  • Volume (Daily)
    1,927,523.38 g
  • Market Value (Daily)
    129.02 g
  • Value Change (Daily)
    -19.02 g
  • Regional
  • EU Market Value (Avg)
    121.99 g
  • US Market Value (Avg)
    169.61 g

Daily Summary

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Market Value Heat Map

Sorry, we do not have Market Value Heat Map for Cosmic Ink.

Quantity Heat Map

Sorry, we do not have Quantity Heat Map for Cosmic Ink.

Information about Cosmic Ink on Tarren Mill realm

What's the price of Cosmic Ink now?

The price of Cosmic Ink, currently, on the WoW Auction House is 121.99 gold.

Is it worth to invest in Cosmic Ink for profit?

We have gathered essential information about Cosmic Ink's auction house price performance over time.

In this page you can see the historical and daily data changes and decide if you want to invest in Cosmic Ink.

How can I use the heat map prices?

You can use our heat maps (market value and quantity) to analyze price trends of your chosen item over time.

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